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SPHI Celebrates Nutrition Month 2014

Screen-Shot-2013-10-07-at-9.49.19-AM-300x223 The month of July is declared as National Nutrition Month; the celebration of the importance of health and nutrition. For this year the theme is "Kalamidad paghandaan: Gutom at malnutrisyon agapan!" Good health and nutrition is something that we should all aspire to achieve no matter how busy we are. In celebration of the 40th National Nutrition Month St. Paul’s Hospital Iloilo together with its partners conducted a free Dietary Counselling last July 16, 2014 and July 23, 2014 at the hospital lobby. The activity held in two different dates served the clients, personnel, and other guests. The beneficiaries were also provided free blood sugar test. The goal of this activity is to promote health and wellness among the people especially those with a busy lifestyle which has become almost impossible for many to get some exercise and eat the right food. Be on the lookout of your own health; always make the right choice with regards to your well-being.

HEARTS OF CHAMPIONS: St. Paul’s Hospital Iloilo

ornap_2The Operating Room Nurses Association of the Philippines,Inc (ORNAP) National Chapter held its 40th Annual National Convention with the theme: “Teamwork and Transparency in Perioperative Nursing” last July 5 and 6, 2014 at the Manila Hotel, Manila Philippines which was delegated by 2,400 participants from all over the country. SPHI was ardently represented by Sr. Marvelyn Aquino, SPC (Regional Adviser) and 9 Operating Room Nurses including 3 ORNAP Regional officers ,Mr. Miguel Labayen RN (Board of Directors Adviser), Ms.Maria Amy Glyza Manzano RN (Regional Auditor) and Ms. Jevy Celera RN (Regional Secretary). On  April 5, 2014, St. Paul’s Hospital Iloilo presented a research study hosted by ORNAP National entitled: “ The Compliance of Preoperative Visits of Operating Room Nurses of St. Paul’s Hospital Iloilo” together with other research entries from final competing hospitals which were judged and paneled by representatives from the Philippine Society of Quality Assurance. St. Paul’s Hospital Iloilo bagged the 1st Place in the said endeavor and on July 5, 2014 during the 40th ORNAP National Convention St. Paul's Hospital was given due recognition as the Champion for the 2nd Search for the Most Outstanding and Adaptable research in Peri-operating Nursing in the Philippines awarded by the ORNAP National President, Mrs. Flor Burgos,RN MAN together with the National Officers.

SPHI partners with University of Colorado for a Research Venture

To live up to SPHI's mission, "to innovate and develop competencies of health care professionals through continuing relevant training and research  programs",  the institution partnered with the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS) Department of Anthropology for a research venture. The research  is entitled "Iloilo Social and Physical Well-being of Parents Study" which started last July 4, 2014 and will run until July 15. The UCCS team is headed by Prof. Michelle Escasa Dorne together with her Anthropology major students.The study commenced with a welcome program from the SPHI family headed by the Hospital Administrator, Sr. Rosamond Marie Abadesco, SPC.The respondents of the research were purposely selected parents of patients from the NICU, CADMA, and MAC Units. The research aims to  gain cross-cultural understanding on how new parents particularly mothers live with the changes of their/her daily schedules, romantic relationships, friendships and diet  to their/her new life  with her infant. SPHI’s maiden partnership with the UCCS, USA is a timely opportunity for SPHI Community to engage in its desire for research awareness and advocacy. SPHI believes that research in the healthcare is the forefront of progress, as we tread on the same path our efforts become worthwhile and relevant. IMG_6917

SPHI Celebration of Accomplishments 2014

IMG_0228In pursuit of delivering a quality and excellent healthcare, SPHI banks on its personnel to realize its goal. As a premier hospital in Iloilo that offers holistic healing, everyone in SPHI involved in this ministry possess in them the Paulinian values. So to give honor and acknowledgement to the staff and personnel who has rendered years of service and has delivered a Christ-centered and innovative service which is in alignment with the hospital’s mission and vision we celebrate their loyalty, selflessness, and commitment to SPHI and to the people we serve. This yearly activity is spearheaded by the Human Resource Department and this 2014 the Celebration of Accomplishments was commemorated last June 27. The SPHI staff and personnel gathered as one to celebrate this momentous event in the lives of the personnel who in one way or another contributed in the success for mission of SPHI. The program started with a mass at the Hospital Chapel officiated by Fr. Joel Eslabra and the awarding followed. Sr. Rosamond Marie Abadesco, SPC, Hospital Administrator, welcomed all who graced the program. The awards and recognitions were given to employees who have served for 10 years, 15, 20, 25, and 35 years and for other special awardees.

SPHI celebrates Kidney Month

national-kidney-monthSt. Paul’s Hospital Iloilo, known to be the city’s premier health care provider continues to offer medical attention to the sick and needy through its holistic, compassionate and innovative healthcare practice. Being the only healthcare institution accredited by the DOH to perform kidney transplant outside Metro Manila, SPHI continues to revolutionize in becoming globally competitive in Kidney health and education. As St. Paul’s Hospital Iloilo joins the nation in celebrating the National Kidney Month, SPHI Kidney Center of Iloilo and Western Visayas held a seminar update on kidney health and education last June 24, 2014 at the 3rd floor SPICE Conference Room, with this year’s theme, “A Healthy Lifestyle Makes your Kidneys Smile”. Participants of the said seminar update were the health caregivers of SPHI. The organizer of the seminar aims to introduce and educate the participants of the advantages and disadvantages of the two methods of dialysis; the Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis. The complications, indications and contradictions as well as the comparisons of the dialysis methods have also been discussed. This seminar update encourages us to be conscious with our lifestyle to keep our kidney healthy so that we don’t have to undergo this kind of treatments. To reduce the risks of kidney problems we have to: cut the sodium, reduce red meat, stop soda, pass on processed foods and slow down with sugar. Lifestyle changes, modification of the ill effects of sweeping globalization, and massive community education will be needed.

Basic IV Training for Nurses

IVTSt. Paul's Hospital Iloilo in coordination with the Association of Nursing Service Administrators of the Philippines, Inc. (ANSAP) invite you to a BASIC IV TRAINING FOR NURSES this coming July 1-3, 2014 from 7 AM- 5 PM at the 3rd floor of SPICE Building. For more information you may visit the Nursing Service Department (2nd Floor, Main Bldg.) or you may call our NSO Training Office at 337-2741 loc 2133 and look for Ms. Jo Millan. God bless!

Department of Internal Medicine New Diplomates

sphi wallpaper finalSt. Paul’s Hospital Iloilo and the Department of Internal Medicine congratulate: DR. MARY GRACE VILLA-TOLEDO, DPSAAI for passing the Diplomate Oral and Written Exam of the Philippine Society of Asthma, Allergology, and Immunology and; DR. DONNA MAE INAUDITO-ILIO, DPCC for passing the Diplomate Oral and Written Exam of the Philippine College of Cardiology. To God be the glory!

SPHI and ICLAJODA Partnership

3Public Utility Jeepneys are a suitable platform in delivering public service messages given that a lot of individuals commute everyday. With this, the Marketing Department of SPHI launched last January 2014 its PSA Project in partnership with the different transport groups in Iloilo City. The project aimed to promote health and wellness as well as remind everyone of their responsibility for our country through posting of Public Service Announcement (PSA) stickers on the jeepney units. SPHI shared this advocacy last June 7, 2014 with the Iloilo City Loop Alliance of Operators and Drivers Association (ICLAJODA) as a continuation of the said project. It is on this kind of project that we are able to extensively express our advocacy and provide relevant information on important health issues that we face today.

SPHI Personnel Assn. holds “Zumba sa San Pablo”

downloadSPHI celebrates Health and Wellness through holding a “Zumba sa San Pablo” activity which kicked off last June 9, 2014. The activity was spearheaded by SPHI Personnel Association and participated by the employees. The activity is open to all who would like to join the hospital’s advocacy of promoting health and wellness. The “Zumba sa San Pablo” is held every 5:00 PM at SPHI back area. For those interested to join, there is also a rummage sale and exciting promos up for grabs! Come and join the SPHI Family in promoting Health and Wellness!

SPHI Disaster Simulation Drill 2014

download (1)Last June 6, 2014 SPHI conducted its yearly Disaster Simulation Drill which was participated by its staff, personnel and clients. The drill was then evaluated by the representatives from the Bureau of Fire Protection headed by Mr. Antonio Escubido, Jr., the Office of Civil Defense with their representative Mr. Joseph Paul Nugra, and from the Iloilo City Emergency Responders (ICER) Team. The Disaster Simulation Drill is conducted to prepare and equip the employees of what should be done when the actual disaster comes. The Disaster Drill started with the briefing in which the Disaster Drill Scenario and the Disaster Field Management Plan were presented to the participants. In the evaluators’ feedback, the officers from different government organizations objectively gave their observation and score. Points to improve and correct as well as other suggestions were given by the evaluators for the hospital’s next simulation drill. Our patients’ safety in times of disaster is very important to us especially that we are a healthcare institution and we are committed to protect and preserve the lives of individuals entrusted to our care.

Transcom Iloilo is SPHI’s Newest Industrial Partner

transcomTranscom Iloilo is the newest addition to St. Paul’s Hospital Iloilo industrial partners. The BPO Company which is growing fast in Iloilo City has entrusted SPHI to be their healthcare provider for their pre-employment medical examination needs. This is a new leap for Transcom and St. Paul’s Hospital as first time partners. St. Paul’s Hospital through its Industrial Clinic caters employees of its accredited partners in need for Pre-employment Medical Examination, Annual Physical Examination, and Pre-Enrolment Medical Examination. The team of experts at the Industrial Clinic are hands-on in in terms of facilitating the entire necessary Laboratory, Diagnostic tests and consultation of employees and members of different institutions based on their health needs. Through the years, St. Paul’s Hospital has been partnering to different industries in Iloilo to help them in evaluating applicants during the recruitment process.

Rosary Culmination

St. Paul's Hospital of Iloilo takes pride of giving its patients a holistic approach to healthcare. It is on this hospital that we continue to commit ourselves to heal not just the body but to nurture the spirit of our clients as well. In alignment to this commitment we make sure to observe devotional prayers for both our clients and the hospital employees . The month of May at St. Paul’s Hospital is celebrated in honor for our dear Mother Mary. For the whole month, the afternoon is dedicated for praying the living rosary before the image of our Mother the Queen of May as our devotion to her. The 3:30 habit is enjoined by the different departments in the hospital as well as other guests. Every afternoon’s living rosary is sponsored by the different departments in the hospital and each department has their own intentions in praying the rosary. The glowing candles, beautiful flowers, and praises sang each afternoon are all expressions of our devotion to Mama Mary. It is our common love to Mary that we join hands in observing the living rosary. Last May 30, 2014 the culmination activity was celebrated at the hospital Chapel with the employees and SPC Sisters coming as one. The Hospital Administrator, Sr. Rosamond Marie Abadesco, SPC lead the said activity in which she also offered to Virgin Mary a flower to honor her as our Mother. St. Paul’s Hospital conducts the living rosary during the months of May and October. Our nation today faces great challenges from natural calamities to politics. When losing hope, our Mother is ever willing to help us only if we pray and ask for her help. She is our Mother and like Jesus her Son she will love us unconditionally as her own.

Sacred Heart Annex re-opens

106In pursuit to an innovative and excellent healthcare service for the Ilonggos, St. Paul’s Hospital re-opened its Sacred Heart Annex providing the unit a new look which is more comforting and convenient for the guests. After months of renovation it was formally re-opened and was blessed last May 14, 2014. The Annex features 27 fully air-conditioned private rooms with a nurses’ station to accommodate the needs of the patient and is located at the second level of the main building. This new leap in innovation and development adds to the many reasons why the institution is the premier healthcare facility in Iloilo. SPHI is giving the people better and more options for their health needs. The annex is now operational and is serving our patient with comfort and delight.

Education in the Faith Culmination Program

056Last October 2013, the Christian Formation Committee of the hospital headed by its Administrator Sr. Rosamond Marie Abadesco, SPC, spearheaded the “Education in the Faith” catechetical program to facilitate in giving evangelization to all employees as well as to the patients entrusted to our care. One chapter has ended but another one is yet to unfold. The Committee in charge for the Christian Formation will now be formulating an action plan based on the insights from the seminar-workshop. This action plan will be utilize as a tool in conducting Catechism for employees and patients that will be facilitated by the Christian Formators. The graduation ceremony was graced by Sr. Rosamond Marie Abadesco, SPC, Dr. Teresita Talamera of De La Salle University, the Facilitator in this course, and Sr. Marvelyn Aquino, SPC, the Catechetical Program In-chrage. The liturgical mass was officiated by the Hospital Chaplain, Msgr. Paul Solomia. During the mass the participants were awarded their certificates in recognition for their active participation and for answering God’s call of becoming Christian Formators. After the ceremony a fellowship then followed at the Mere Marie Ann Micheau Function Room.

Disaster Drill Program Review

DSC01122Disaster preparedness will take you very far in terms of saving lives. You can never go wrong when you are prepared and equipped of the knowledge needed when disaster comes. In preparation for the Disaster Simulation Drill on June 6, 2014 St. Paul’s Hospital Iloilo spearheaded by its Human Resource Office conducted a Disaster Control Program Review to its employees for the upcoming simulation drill. The orientation was held last May 19-23, 2014 at the Mere Marie Anne de Tilly Conference Room. The week-long orientation served as an orientation for regular and new employees with regards to their participation or function on the said Drill. It was presented to the employees this year’s simulation drill scenario and how important their participation is. The actual simulation drill will be evaluated by the different government and non-government agencies in Iloilo City that will measure how ready SPHI is when responding to disaster situations. It is through this activity that St. Paul's Hospital Iloilo uphold its commitment to give its patients the best and safe environment while admitted in the Hospital.

PGI 33rd Commencement Exercises

pgi internsLast April 30, 2014, twelve Post Graduate Interns finished their one-year training-exposure at St. Paul’s Hospital. This training is a requirement and a preparation for their upcoming Physician Licensure Examination. The 33rd Commencement Exercises started with a thanksgiving mass officiated by Fr. Paul Solomia, Hospital Chaplain. The Graduation rites followed at the 3rd floor SPICE Conference Room. The Graduates marched alongside their proud parents and was welcomed by the other guests present in the venue. Dr. Henry Gonzales, Medical Director, gave his opening remarks followed by the message of the Hospital Administrator, Sr. Rosamond Marie Abadesco, SPC in which in her message emphasized the hospital's efforts to give all our residents doctors the opportunities needed to equip thierselves for the next hurdle of development and to maximize thier achievements as well. The graduates were also inspired by the speech delivered by Dr. Lorelie Sirilan, the Guest Speaker of the Graduation Ceremony. In her speech, she was able to share her most memorable experiences as an intern at St. Paul’s Hospital. The PGI Graduates and Dr. Sirilan shared a common experience in their journey of becoming a doctor. After the speech of the Guest Speaker followed the Awarding of Certificates to the Graduates and Special Awards for those who have shown exemplary performance during their internship. There was also a tribute to the graduates through a video presentation while Dr. Vincent Luceño in behalf of the batch gave his message to everyone who helped and supported them in their training. It was also on that event that the incoming new set of PGI Interns was introduced. Dr. Malbar Ferrer, Medical Education Chairman, gave his closing remarks and after which the dinner was enjoyed by everyone. St. Paul’s Hospital continuous to develop and innovate its programs to become a more dynamic and globally competitive training hospital. The training program of the Medical Education Department is at par, developing professionals with compassion, accountability, and excellence.

Mother’s Day Writing Contest

FB Post2 copyThis Mother's Day we give tribute to the "wind beneath our wings", our Nanay, Mama, Lola, Mommy and Tita. Tell us your inspiring story. We want to hear it from you. Join our essay writing contest! Here is your chance to give your Mommy, Nanay, Mama, Tita, Lola, Ate a special tribute this Mother’s Day! We are looking for inspiring stories of mothers that will surely capture our hearts. Express your love for them by writing a story. This contest is open to all who would love to share their inspiring story. Just answer our question: “Why your mother is the best?” Send your entries at marketing_sphiloilo@yahoo.com or at our Facebook page at St. Paul’s Hospital. The chosen stories will win cool tokens. To join, see below guidelines for further details. Guidelines: 1. Entry should not be less than 500 words and must be an original work. 2. Be sure to give your story a title, craft a powerful opening and closing. 3. WE PREFER STORIES IN WHICH ST. PAUL’S HOSPITAL ILOILO BECAME A PART OF IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, PLUS POINTS WILL BE GIVEN TO THE ENTRY. 4. Include one or more photos, if possible (we prefer .jpg format). 5. Don’t forget to include your name, age, address, occupation and contact no. 6. Deadline for submission of entries will be on May 28, 2014, Wednesday. 7. Winners will be informed through email or phone call on May 30, 2014, Friday. 8. Please attach the story as a word document file and indicate subject as “SPHI-Mother’s Day 2014 Writing Contest”. Share your inspiring story to us now!

Dept. of Pediatrics new Diplomates

St. Paul's Hospital of Iloilo, Inc. and the Department of Pediatrics congratulate the following graduates of its Residency Training Program for having been inducted as new Philippine Pediatrics Society (PPS) Diplomates last April 5, 2014. -Anna Mae Napud-Jarder, MD -Kerwin Hiponia, MD -Josephine Martinez, MD Caritas Christi Urget Nos!

PGI Batch 2013-2014 Commencement Exercises

sphi wallpaper finalSt. Paul's Hospital of Iloilo, Inc. and the Medical Education Committee invite you to the 33rd Commencement Exercises of the Post Graduate Interns Batch 2013-2014 on April 30, 2014, 3PM at the 3rd Floor SPICE Conference Room. Post Graduate Interns: Arnold Paul K. Gonzales, MD Vincent M. Luceño, MD Roen Chris S. Beriones, MD Carlo Antonio S. Araneta, MD Jan Carl D. Barbasan, MD Eden Jay I. De Lemos, Md Ana Katrina Gange, MD Vivienne Grace G. Escarilla, MD Joselie Mari G. Palomo, MD Jesilyn F. Palec, MD Ma. Jonalyn J. Libo-on, MD Wynchelle May A. Enriquez, MD Congratulations! your SPHI Family is proud of you. We send with you our prayers as you go out into the depths of medical practice centered on God's compassionate love. CARITAS CHRISTI URGET NOS!

SPHI Upgrades Bed Capacity

attachmnet 4 croppedWe've expanded our facility with the same brand of compassionate quality service! To provide our clients greater access to quality healthcare SPHI is now upgraded from 220 to 265 bed capacity. For more inquiries call 3372741-49 or visit us at Gen. Luna St., Iloilo City.

SPHI Conducts Education in the Faith Seminar

IMG_1754One of SPHI missions is to offer Christ centered excellent healthcare upholding the Bioethical principles and teachings of the Catholic Church and with this the Christian Formation Committee headed by Sr. Rosamond Marie Abadesco, SPC, Hospital Administrator, initiated the training/workshop of employees representing their respective department to be the core group for catechism. Catechism in a hospital setting is quite unique because of the nature of work and the kind of people we serve. It is therefore a requirement for employees that before they become Catechists they should undergo a training/workshop to better equip them of what is Catechism all about and how will they do it in their respective department. It was a challenge for the Administration how to start this project because this is a journey on one's faith and in order for the employees to fully grasp what is in stored for them they should first fully commit themselves in this course.Last year, the Education in the Faith Seminar formally started with the Introduction followed by series of lectures focusing on a particular topic. The group was being honed by Dr. Teresita Talamera, a professor in Theology at the De La Salle University and a graduate of Ateneo School of Theology, to become effective Catechists. Just this April 10-11, 2014 the group of employees honed to become Christian Formation held a lecture about the Doctrine. It was a fun-filled learning experience focusing on Christ’s Passion, Death, and Resurrection an expression of God's ultimate love for us. The seminar was also in time for the Lenten Season which helped remind the participants of the real meaning of Lent. As a Catholic institution, we value Christ’s teachings that is reflected in how we think, act, and love. SPHI has the mission of getting everyone in the hospital involved in spreading the Word of God. St. Paul’s Hospital does not only heal the body but as well provide nourishment in the spirit of the people entrusted to our care.

Department of OB-GYNE Diplomate Exam Passers

purple_caduceus_medical_symbol_6ygt.38155352St Paul's Hospital Iloilo Department of Obstretics and Gynecology congratulates Dr. Karyl B. Villaruel, DPOGS and Dr. Karen A. Arroyo, DPOGS for passing the Diplomate Part II (Oral) Exam last March 7 & 14, 2014. Your SPHI Family is proud of you! Serving in Excellence, Moving Forward!

Congratulations SPHI OR Complex Team

orCongratulations! St. Paul’s Hospital Iloilo Operating Room Complex Team Grand Winner of the 2nd Research Congress: Search for the Outstanding and Adaptable Research (SOAR) Studies in the Operating Room presented last April 5, 2014 at the Philippine Heart Center, East Ave., Quezon City, Philippines. The team was composed of Mr. James Rapista and Mr. Joseph Alminaza as Research Presenters and Ms. Josephine V. Amen as their CQI Adviser. Your SPHI Family is proud of you!

Dept. of FAMED 3-year Accreditation & New Diplomates

• St. Paul’s Hospital Iloilo Department of Family Medicine was granted by the Philippine Academy of Family Physicians (PAFP) a THREE- YEAR FULL ACCREDITATION (2014-2016) given last February 19, 2014. • Congratulations to our New Diplomates for Passing the Oral and Written Exam Dr. Sol Velfran de Juan Dr. Chimney Rose Dichoso- Hortillosa Dr.Airen Rose Enesa Dr.Novie Mae Gemillan Dr. Enrique Hipolito III Dr. Mary Precious Mantac-Traviña Dr. Mary Joan Manejero-Duremdes Dr. Michelle Tonogbanua “Serving in Excellence, Moving Forward”

SPHI welcomes its New Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics

purple_caduceus_medical_symbol_6ygt.38155352SPH Iloilo’s Administration proudly welcomes the appointment of the new Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics, Dr. Joselito E. Caso. Dr. Caso is a graduate of West Visayas State University College of Medicine. Awarded as the Most Outstanding Intern in Pediatrics in the year 1988. He took his Pediatric Residency Training at St. Paul’s Hospital Iloilo in the year 1989.He is a diplomate of the Philippine Pediatric Society and the Philippine Society of Hematology and Blood Transfusion.

Happy, Healthy and Sikat Heart Promo for 2014

healthy heart adSt. Paul’s Hospital Iloilo’s Cardiology Unit, Marketing & Dietary Department and ABS-CBN Iloilo marked February with its “Healthy, Happy and Sikat Heart Promo”. The promo aims to educate and emphasize the importance of taking care of your heart by regularly seeing your heart specialist for check-up, eating the right food and getting a good exercise. Customers are given heart service cards of which they are entitled of a FREE dietary counselling in order to know important nutritional facts on how to maintain a balance diet for the heart, a free ECG and Heart Consultation from SPHI Cardio Experts.

CECAP Center now open!

IMG_1410St. Paul's Hospital Iloilo formally launched its Cervical Cancer Awareness and Protection Program (CECAP) in response to the growing number of cervical cancer cases in the Philippines which is now considered as the second most common cancer among women in the country. The CECAP Center is located at the CADMA Bldg. ground floor. It is considered as the first of its kind in Western Visayas. The center is open to accomadate patients every Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon. For more information you may call 3372741-49 local 6359.

NEW Delivery and PACU Complex now Open

_DSC0002-2Last February 28, 2014 the newest facilities of St. Paul’s Hospital Iloilo were blessed and inaugurated. The Delivery Room and Post-Anesthesia Care Unit. It is located at the 2nd level, right wing of the main building. The newly opened units feature modern equipment for surgical procedures and delivery. The SPHI Team composed of SPC Sisters, medical doctors, nurses, and personnel are seeking ways to improve the quality of services they offer through on going refinements of its facilities and system. The SPHI Delivery Room (DR) is furnished with state-of-the-art equipment and is administered by an experienced team of SPHI doctors and nurses. This will give the baby and the mother a safe and caring environment during delivery. On the other hand, the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit provides intensive observation and caution of patients who have undergone procedures that require anesthesia. The modern technology and system feature of the hospital’s DR and PACU are guarantee that St. Paul’s Hospital Iloilo is a premier hospital in Iloilo and in Western Visayas.


nsdContinuous quality improvement describes the overall effort of the hospital organization to achieve the most effective care with the available resources and without compromising quality. As mandated by Department of Health (DOH) - Administrative Order 2006-0002, the “Establishment of the Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Program and Committee in DOH Hospitals”, the Department’s CQI was created, spearheaded by Sr. Rowena Rodil, SPC, the Nursing Service Director and Mrs. Josephine Amen, the Quality Assurance Nurse. Its goal is to ensure that all consumers receive the highest quality and most cost- effective health services available through the development and maintenance of a qualified, diverse, and accessible multidisciplinary network, care and service organizations. One of the committee’s outputs for this year was the presentation of the studies of the different nursing unit conducted last December 9 – 11, 2013. For starters, the presenters really tried their best to which it yields a satisfactory result among our panelists.